For over thirty five years, GMHabis have been providing the best pre-press service and support to it's valued clients. Our new service center house a team of ten members that service over 160 CTF and CTP units in Lebanon. 

what kind of services do we offer?

• Installation and maintenance of CTF, CTP , Digital Equipment ,and other pre-press equipment
• Installation of Servers
• Installation and maintenance of Pre-Press and Press Related Software Solutions.
• Installation of Network for pre-press setup
• Calibration of Eizo Monitors
• Color management consultancy
• Training

Our Service Team:

• Ensures that our clients experience no downtime to their operation.
• Ensures that all issues are resolved in a professional manner.
• Strives to keep all our clients satisfied.
• Gets periodical training, to make sure they are up to date with latest technologies.
• Service international customers in most African and Middle East countries.

Contacting Our Service Team:

To Better Serve you, email us at:

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